STIIX x GCU Educators Rising

August 4, 2023

Last fall, our team got news from two school districts in Phoenix, AZ who wanted to begin district-wide adoptions of our STEM projects and programs after the new year. Incredibly exciting news, right... but it inevitably presented some challenges. Unfortunately, the nationwide staffing shortage is just as relevant in the after school world as it is in seemingly every other industry!

Luckily, we were introduced to and connected with the awesome leadership of the Grand Canyon University chapter of the Educators Rising organization. The motive was to have their members serve as instructors at our partnering schools while gaining valuable classroom experience, resume material, and to of course, be payed competitively along the way.

After conversations with their leadership, we came away impressed with their passion for education, relational skills, & recognition of the need for hands-on STEM in our schools. We immediately knew they would make great ambassadors for STIIX on the various campuses! As a bonus, students love the change of pace from their usual school day where they can spend time with and learn from young professionals they can relate to!

To sum up the collaboration, Lexi Von Hatten, President of GCU Educators Rising, had this to say:

“Working with STIIX has been an amazing opportunity I have been able to offer to our members. The collaboration with Alex & STIIX has gone wonderfully and we look forward to continuing to do some great things together.”

Fast forward to this February and their members are running after school programs at over a dozen sites this Spring!

"Working with STIIX has been such a unique opportunity to practice and hone my leadership skills in a real classroom with a diverse group of students. The curriculum has been amazing at keeping kids engaged and learning to problem solve!" Mercedes L. (Site instructor)
"Working with STIIX and all of the amazing students has gone even better than expected. We are helping them develop social and fine motor skills that I truly believe will help benefit them throughout their lives." Kobie T. (Site instructor)

Educators Rising, we are thankful for you all - and we look forward to continue impacting education together😊

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