The mission behind STIIX.

STIIX inspires young minds by introducing them to various STEAM topics & careers in a hands-on manner.

Our Story

Our Story

STIIX was founded to bring our series of engineering school-inspired projects to students across the world in a way that involves no rolling of the eyes!

Every member of the STIIX team is a creator through and through. As exciting as 2-page long math problems in calculus class were, we found the most fun AND fruitful part of engineering school to be the hands-on open-ended activities we got to participate in. STIIX was founded to bring those projects to your front door/school, but with our own exciting twist on them that encourages our kids to get down and dirty and bring out their natural creativity. We recognize that while there are other kits out there for kids to build, nothing else provides the same experience of strategy and full creative expression that our projects supply. This realization birthed STIIX, allowing kids to Solve Technicalities with Imagination, Innovation, and eXcitement.

Our mission and hope is to inspire young minds by introducing them to various STEM topics in a hands-on manner via some of the aforementioned projects. Our model gives children the opportunity to put down the electronics and enter an innovative, competitive, and fun learning environment. You will also find that our curriculum not only gives our audience the ability to express their creative side, but also gives them early exposure to what working in some of the hottest STEM career fields is like!

As young, energetic, and intelligent engineering professionals, we like to think our knowledge/insight is valuable and relatable to the nation’s youth. We hope others recognize that and really use our kits as a resource as they navigate the teen/pre-teen years of their lives. Communication is very important to us, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Finally, check out our blog for more detailed insight into our company- and thank you so much for any role you play in the STIIX journey!

Why Our Customers Love STIIX

1. Hands-On Learning

These projects serve as a nice change of pace to the normal entertainment offered today. Combine your mind and your hands to build a project you are proud of.

2. Exposure To Real-World Topics

Our monthly kits are designed to introduce our audience to topics that are involved in some of today’s hottest career fields. If anything piques your interest, reach out to us and we will point you in the right direction to pursue it further!

3. Have Fun

Testing and evaluation (the final step each month) is designed to bring everything together in a fun and competitive way. Science and engineering will play a big part in our future, and there is room in this future for everyone!

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