Our Story.
& Our Vision.

STIIX was started by an engineer, from a family of educators, with the mission of bringing meaningful experiences back into the classroom.

We take lot's of pride in being a FUN, memorable, & impactful STEM experience for students, and a super EASY to use & affordable resource for educators.


Our Story

...As much fun as the big, long calculus problems were in engineering school...

I had lots more fun working on the hands-on, open-ended design challenges we were occasionally tasked with. PLUS, they helped me grasp the academic principles at play MUCH better.

With that in mind, on top of the fact that I went into engineering school in the first place because I did not know what in the world I wanted to do when I was older, and still did not figure it out when by the time I had graduated..STIIX was born to get students being creative, and introduce them to all kinds of awesome careers along the way.
Solve Technicalities with Imagination, Innovation, and eXcitement.

STIIX got it's start knocking on doors around Phoenix, Arizona selling monthly STEM kit subscriptions to families (bloody hand pictured above☺️). When that model began to prove to be unsustainable, coincidentally alongside the traction we were starting to gain with some awesome schools, we eventually phased that service out.

Fast forward to today and we are now proud partners of hundreds of school district, organizational, and community-based organizational partners around the world!

Instead of packaging individual STEM kits, we now mainly couple our award-winning curriculum with classroom bins, FREE professional development / trainings, FREE guest speaking, &more! (cont...)

(cont...) On top of the fact that this move has been a good business decision for our organization, opening many doors & allowing us to do impactful things, the work we do with our school district partners is much more rewarding to our team.

Our work with primarily underserved / underprivileged Title Schools keeps the STIIX team motivated to continue bringing meaningful experiences back into the classroom for these students who would likely not otherwise have the chance to be exposed to this type of stuff.

We now feel super lucky to offer our incredible, new Augmented Reality / Career Readiness app completely FREE of charge for the STEM community.

Why Our Friends / Partners Love STIIX

Customized for you!

We know every single school and organization serves different demographics, and has different needs.
That is where working with a small, flexible, compassionate business like STIIX comes in handy! We will work one-on one with you to understand your goals and help your initiaives be an enormous success!

Standards & Exposure To Careers

Not only are students having FUN, but all of our projects align with multiple NGSS, CTE, & state level standards across the board.

Students are also learning about some of today's hottest career fields and industries along the way!


STIIX aims for all of our partnerships to be sustainable, long-term, fruitful opportunities for everyone involved! We do our very best to work within budget situations, offer both consumable and non-consumable kit options, offer FREE services like Professional Development, the STIIX-Ville app, and more!

Going forward.

We have some big plans that include continuing to develop some awesome new hands-on projects, continuing to invest in the STIIX-Ville app, & form some great new partnerships, and MUCH more!

Be sure to Contact Us to stay in the loop and meet our founder / team!

Come and Visit Us

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Highlight your creativity and innovation with our STEM kits.

We work one-on-one with our schools and industry partners to build custom programs based on the needs of the district. All programs come with required material, teacher support, and align with the latest NGSS and CTE standards,...oh and by the way, the KIDS HAVE A BLAST building them!