How It Works:

1. Choose Kit.

Whether you are engaging in a classroom setting, as a subscriber, or using our 'One-Off' option, our kits are shipped out the next day following your order and you are in for a treat!

2. Learn & Build.

STIIX is academic in nature. Head on over to the project page where you will not only learn about the STEM principles at stake in each project, but you will learn how to build something for yourself and apply that knowledge to the real world.

3. Test it out!

Here comes the fun part! Once you've built something you are proud of, put it to the test! You can even submit a video and any relevant data to the form on our website so we can check it out & maybe even award you a prize for creativity!

Come and Visit Us

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Highlight your creativity and innovation with our STEM kits.

Find new and exciting activities built for any home or school scenario! With our custom STEM kits, students enjoy applying new knowledge to design something they are really proud of and excited to watch perform!