How It Works

1. Unbox It

Upon signing up, you can look forward to receiving free bonus items in your first kit, including a hot glue gun, a ruler set, and a composition notebook to get the creative juices flowing and to use for future projects! Everybody gets the same materials, but what happens from there is up to you. There are countless ways to go about completing our projects so a STIIX subscription promises to give you an engaging and fun experience!

2. Learn & Build

STIIX is academic in nature. Not only will you learn about the STEM principles at stake in each project, but you will learn how to build something for yourself and apply that knowledge to the real world. Our aim is to present all this information in a fun and fruitful manner, to teach our audience how the world works-and how they can help shape its future!

3. Test & Evaluate

This is the fun part! Use the included evaluation material/tools to put your project to the test and see how it performs. Submit a video of your test & any relevant data to the form on our website so we can draft up a snazzy feedback report for you to cap off the month!

Come and Visit Us

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Academy San Francisco

216 Eddy St, San Francisco, California (CA), 94102
(415) 655-9116

Academy New York

643 Mundy St Watertown, New York (NY), 13601
(304) 722-3754

Highlight your creativity and innovation with our STEM kits.

Find new and exciting topics and activities at your doorstep each month! With our custom STEM kits, you’ll have fun applying your new knowledge to design something you are really proud of and excited to watch perform!