STEAM-based activities &

Our unique & relational kits/curriculum teach students (grades K-8) the right Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Mathematics (STEAM) to build their future- and have fun doing it!



Whether a subscription, or a one-off kit make more sense for your family, we can't wait to send a box your way. There are countless ways to go about completing our projects so a STIIX kit promises to give you an engaging & fun experience!



STIIX is academic in nature. Not only will you learn about the STEAM principles at stake in each project on the project page, but you will get the chance to build something for yourself and apply that knowledge to the real world.



This is the fun part! How much weight did your bridge how, how high did your rocket fly, how fast was your car, etc.! If you'd like, show us what you made and we will draft up a cool recap report for you!

What makes us DIFFERENT?


Find your child's passion

Our kits cover different STEM disciplines each month in hopes that some projects resonate with you and spark an interest in a future career field!

1-on-1 Resources

Resources like curriculum videos, tutorials, live Zoom calls, & more set you up for success before designing and building a project for yourself!

Open Ended

Rather than follow a boring instruction manual, let your imagination run wild and and design/build your project how YOU want to!

Testing / Feedback

Bring out your inner competitive spirit when you get the chance to put your project to the test and get some insight from our team of engineers!

Our Subscriptions
 Designed for grades K-8


STIIX Workshops

Are you interested in constructing cool gifts for your family or building a nice decoration for your house? Are you generally interested in tackling fun, yet challenging hands-on projects? Stay tuned for a fun series of workshops the STIIX team will host to teach woodworking and design skills, coming early next year!

Coming Soon

One-Off Kits

A subscription is not right for you? No worries! We have you covered and offer our kits individually so you can enjoy them whenever & however you want!

Hands-on for kids,
Hands-off for parents!

Learning Center

Discover great content to grow your skills in Design, Development and Marketing.

What Keeps Our Team Motivated to Helping the Next Generation of Thinkers

Here at STIIX, we want to fit into this by helping empower young leaders to express their creativity and critical thinking skills in a fun and educational fashion.


STIIX New Branding

Introduction to our new logo and meaning behind our brand.


Highlight your creativity and innovation with our STEM kits.

Find new and exciting topics and activities at your doorstep each month! With our custom STEM kits, you’ll have fun applying your new knowledge to design something you are really proud of and excited to watch perform!


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