What Keeps Our Team Motivated to Helping the Next Generation of Thinkers

August 4, 2023

Why I Started STIIX

Working with and around kids has always been a passion of mine - and the potential to help impact young lives was one of the founding principles of STIIX. Children growing up in the digital age have the entire world at their fingertips: research articles, helpful YouTube videos, and can’t miss shopping deals are just a couple of the incredible resources that are only a quick Google search away. Unfortunately, I have also witnessed firsthand some of the downfalls that that come with perpetual time on tv/computer/video game screens. Dozens of recent studies point out the fact that creative and social skills are on the downward trend among our world’s school children. At a time when we have to navigate all kinds of political, environmental, and economic unrest, isn’t now is a time when we need young people to become more creative in order to help tackle some of these lasting issues that face society down the road?

Our model gives children the opportunity to put down the electronics and enter an innovative, competitive, and fun learning environment.

Here at STIIX, we want to fit into this by helping empower young leaders to express their creativity and critical thinking skills in a fun and educational fashion. Our tutorials, zoom calls, projects, and competitions/testing is all part of a formula that brings out lots of fruitful elements in your child. On the other end of our curriculum videos and daily Zoom calls, it is not your typical teacher…we are a team of young, smart, energetic, and relational engineers. We hope our audience recognizes that and takes advantage of the fact that we were in their shoes not too long ago! Class-related questions, college application frustrations, life in general? We want to be a resource to you and provide any insight we may have if you are willing to reach out and if it does not take away time from others focusing on the month’s project! I am a super relational guy, and it is important to me that no matter the size of STIIX, we continue to keep our relationships with our subscribers at the top of our priority list!

Our Mission

  • Hands-On Learning
  • Exposure to Real-World Topics
  • Inspire Young Minds
  • Have Fun

So, with all that being said, thank you for checking out STIIX and I hope you enjoy our kits and all that comes with them. I look forward to the chance to introduce myself to you here before too long!

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