STIIX New Branding

October 11, 2020

New Brand, New Life

Going about and creating a logo was a little bit over our heads, which is why we teamed up with local branding agency, Bridge PHX to create something that really encompassed the essence and vision of STIIX. After lengthy phone calls, questionnaires, and face to face meetings, their team went to work armed with everything they needed to know about our company-and more. When it came time to present their work, a few options were presented, but I immediately knew the right concept when I saw it.

I noticed the story behind the logo without even having to be told it. The STIIX acronym is Solving Technicalities using Imagination, Innovation, & eXcitement-which is beautifully portrayed in a symbolic fashion. The puzzle piece at the bottom infers problem solving and the lightbulb symbolizes a spark of imagination. The upward arrow? Innovation! The different elements bond to create a smiley face that portrays excitement.

New Branding Will Help Us

  • Look and sounds consistent with our company mission
  • Connect with the right customers on a deeper level
  • Differentiate from our competition
  • Make our marketing efforts more efficient

Our team is super excited to go forward with this logo and all of the other creative work associated with it. We hope it becomes a staple in living rooms and is associated with all that is good in youth.

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