STIIX partners with St. Luke's Children's Hospital

August 4, 2023

While on vacation in Idaho, STIIX founder Alex Reader skipped out on the family coffee run to attempt to introduce himself to the Child Life team at St. Luke's Children's Hospital in Boise, Idaho. Although unsuccessful in making it past the front desk due to Covid-19 protocols, he was able to gather contact information for the right people to speak with.

Upon his return home, the STIIX team got in contact with Ms. Denise Rayburn, CCLS, and set up a brief Zoom meeting. Ms. Rayburn appreciated the mission of STIIX, saw the value in our unique STEM kits, and envisioned a potential use in their Child Life program. After sending a few sample boxes, Ms. Rayburn and her colleague, Ms. Lori Mitts reached back out once they saw patients engage with our kits in a hands-on and educational manner.

In case you are unfamiliar with the child life profession, they are are pediatric health care professionals who work with children and families in hospitals and other settings to help them cope with the challenges of hospitalization, illness, and disability.

St. Luke's Children's Hpital, who STIIX partners with to get our fun and hands-on STEM kits into their patients hands.
St. Luke's Children's Hospital

Different quantities of 5 different signature STIIX kits are now being enjoyed by patients throughout the hospital, as well as in the Hospital School curriculum, led by hospital school teacher Ms. Sunday Twilegar.
Sample of STIIX STEM kits

From the front desk attendants to upper-level management, it has been a privilege to work with the team at St. Luke's. The hospital is filled with as quality of people as you will meet. Although patients are going through a tough, tough time surrounding their hospital stay, they are lucky to be surrounded by the talented and passionate Child Life professionals their with them every step of the way. Our team at STIIX feels incredibly lucky to get to work with these kids and professionals- and blessed to play just the smallest role in the operation in and around the hospital.

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