Stoplight Project

Explore topics at play in real-life Stoplight systems before building a model of your own!
Electrical Eng.
Estimated Length: 
1.5 hours


Rules / Specifications

    • Build a functioning stop light & test it out!
    • Try out some different designs!
    • What happens if you try to turn on two lights at one?!


    1. Intro Video

    The intro video explains some background of the bridge project and how it relates to the real world.

    2 min

    2. Academic Video

    We use fun demonstrations to teach about different topics at play in bridges such as Force, Stress, & more!

    2 min

    3. "How To" Video

    Tune into the how to video to find tips, examples, and even obstacles to avoid when designing and building your bridge.

    3 min

    4. Testing & Evaluating

    In this video, we walk you through just how to go about testing your bridge when you are all finished building!

    2 min

    5. Bonus Video

    Tyler Bell from CVL Engineering shares his story about why he wanted to become a civil engineer and what he does now!

    1 min
    Questions? Please email to see sample lesson plans and more!



    Disciplinary Core Ideas


    AZ ELA / Literacy

    5.W.7 , 5.W.8

    AZ Mathematics

    4.MP.2 , 4.MP.4 , 4.MP.5 , 3-5.OA

    21st Century Skills

    Learning Skills, Literacy Skills, Life Skills


    Scientific & Engineering Practices
    1.6-8-B1.6-8-C, 2.6-8-A, 2.6-8-C3.6-8-B, 4.6-8-C