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Frequently Asked Questions

What is STIIX-Ville?

STIIX-Ville is a fictional, rapidly growing town. We use instructional videos and AR technology toimmerse students into STIIX-ville as engineers to help solve the infrastructure-related needs of the community.

Do you collect any student data?

NO! The only information we ask for is a first name so your students' experience can be personalized throughout the modules.
The only other potential infrmation we may need is a caring adult's phone or email so the student can share his or her 'Career Journal' upon completion of the activity.

Which projects are coming next?

We are currently in thr middle of developing the Wind Turbine project as #2. After that, we plan to build out the Prosthetic Leg, Solar Energy, Glider Plane, Hydraulics, & Water System projects in no particular order.

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