STIIX Creator Kit

Subscribers are introduced to the hottest STEM topics and career fields out there in a FUN & hands-on way from our team of relational engineers! Our kits are shipped to your front door and complemented by the unique resources found in the 'Projects' dropdown!
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What are you going to learn?

Each month’s project dives into new and different STEM disciplines. Enjoy learning about each discipline’s background, relation to the real world, historical significance, academic principles/theory, and finally, how to build a project for yourself! Part of our mission is to help you find a passion that links to your future!

Package Steps

  • Unbox kit!
  • Familiarize with activity on its customized project page!
  • Begin building and putting it to the test!
  • Show us what you made on the 'upload file' tab
  • Have fun :)


“Testing out some of the STIIX projects has been a blast because it is stuff that we do not necessarily get to do in school, even though building with my hands and trying to problem solve are some of my favorite things to do”

Patrick L.

“I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but working in a science or engineering field seems really fun if this is the kind of stuff they do everyday…I want to keep getting these kits so I can figure out exactly what kind of scientist or engineer could suit me best”

Savannah K.

“It was a nice change of pace seeing the boys work as a team on their design and then watching it come to life as opposed to them spending their time on video games all afternoon long”

Susan T.

“I did not get the chance to watch the curriculum videos with her myself, but it honestly shocked me when my daughter came to the dinner table talking about the concept of air resistance and how she planned to account for it in her upcoming project. Those videos must be more engaging than I thought..”

Kathy B.