Boat Project

Explore topics at play in real-life Boat before building & launching a model of your own!
Engineering &
5 Educational Help Videos
Estimated Length
2 Hours of Programming


    Rules / Specifications

    • Water balloons can not be filled with water
    • Can be any shape / size you would like
    • Load until whole boat is submerged!
    • Make sure it fits inside the testing basin!!

    Intro Video

    Check out the introductory video to learn about the background of boats, how they relate to the real world, and the lessons we want you to take away from this activity!

    2 min

    Academic Video

    Tune in to hear some of the Science & Engineering principles behind the boat project!

    4 min

    "How To" Video

    Tune into the how to video to find tips, examples, and even obstacles to avoid when designing and building your boat.

    4 min

    Testing & Evaluation

    In this video, we walk you through just how we are going to test your boat once we receive it back here at STIIX headquarters (or whether you would prefer to do it at home!).

    3 min

    Bonus Video

    Tune in to meet our friend David, who shares some insight as someone who designs boats for his job everyday!

    1 min