Sneaker Project

Explore topics at play in real-life Fashion Projects before building a model of your own!
Fashion & Sustainability
5 Educational Videos
Estimated Length
1.5-3 Hours of Programming



    • Design & Build a custom sneaker
    • Make it fit,  functional, sharp looking, & comfortable
    • Try taking a few steps with it!
    • EXTENSION: Attach a processor to it and see i you can track data like your steps, velocity, etc.😎

    Intro Video

    Tune in to hear the background, relevance, and some applicable history about skyscrapers!

    3 min

    Academic Video

    Tune in to hear some of the science and engineering principles at play in the tower project!

    8 min

    "How To" Video

    Tune in to see some tips and examples for how to go about building your own skyscraper!

    4 min

    Testing & Evaluation

    Tune in to see just how to put your own skyscraper to the test once you are all done building!

    2 min

    Bonus Video

    Tune in to check out a neat looking time lapse of our tower project being built:

    1 min