Wind Energy Project

Explore topics at play in real-life Wind Turbines before building a model of your own!
Project Type: 
Estimated Length: 
1 hr.


Rules & Specifications

  • Watch the project videos!
  • Try to bring cup up >6"
  • Experiment with different variables!
  • Blow with fan, hair dryer, or through a straw


1. Intro Video

The intro video explains some background of the project and how it relates to the real world.

2 min

2. Academic Video

We use fun demonstrations to teach about different topics at play in Wind Turbines!

3 min

3. "How To" Video

Tune into the how to video to find tips, examples, and even obstacles to avoid when designing and building your project.

7 min

4. Testing & Evaluating

In this video, we walk you through just how to test your project once you are all done designing & building!

3 min

5. Bonus Video

Hear the stories of professionals in the field and how they use what we learned this month in their jobs everyday!

2 min