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Your students deserve a STEM class they won't roll their eyes about.

The Rundown...

  • NGSS alignment
  • Customizable & affordable
  • Multiple grade bands
  • Inquiry-based and hands-on
  • Fun for both students & educators!
  • Enhances fine motor skills

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This video puts a face behind our organization, and outlines a little bit more about what our program(s) look like.
From a pricing standpoint, please note that we are flexible, and we really want to do what it takes to get our foot in the door with great people and organizations like you all!


STIIX fosters curiosity and innovative thinking among students through discovery and experimentation. With their support, students enjoy building things and finding unique ways to solve problems!

Creighton SD

Education team,

We had a need and STIIX helped us fill it. STIIX will help us educate our San Antonio youth on the workings of a water system for years to come!
They checked in throughout the summer to make sure we had everything we neededand to see if the teachers had any questions. Students enjoyed the kits and the STEM class was a highlight of our summer program.

Fed. Programs,
Marana USD




Does STIIX provide staffing for the program(s)?

Great question! STIIX has partnerships with student organizations at local universitires here in Phoenix. Their awesome students have their fingerprint clearance cards and lead our programs at dozens of schools across the valley.

We are working on forming more of those partnerships in more locations, and are always working to improve the resources surrounding our curriculum in case STIIX personnel is not an option!

How much does the program cost?

We mean it when we say we want to do what it takes to get our foot in the door with great people and schools like you.

For that reason we ask that you please contact us so we can pass along our affordable and customizable pricing that fits your needs!

What grades is this best for?

The cool thing about STIIX's program is that the open-ended and unscripted nature of it allows for a wide variety of ages to enjoy it.

Typically, 2nd-8th graders enjoy it the most!

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