Learn, Design, & Build

No matter where you are located or how you want to participate, STIIX kits promise to give you an engaging experience.


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STIIX Workshops

Are you interested in constructing cool gifts for your family or building a nice decoration for your house? Are you generally interested in tackling fun, yet challenging hands-on projects? Stay tuned for a fun series of workshops the STIIX team will host to teach woodworking and design skills, coming early next year!

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Why Your Kids Will Love This

Problem solving and being creative is what kids do best. We give them a chance to do just that in a fun atmosphere.

Engaging & Educational

Every aspect of the STIIX model is part of a formula that is designed to provide a fun and fruitful experience for each young creator and their family!

Exciting & Challenging

Our audience will walk away from each project with new insight on how the world works, and will even bet asked with putting their new knowledge to the test when they build a project of their own.

Personal STEM Mentorship

Our team takes pride in our relationships. We hope our audience sees us a resource for any questions they have about the month’s project, but also as young professionals who they can get relatable advice from!

Top Notch Materials

No additional trips to the store necessary, or even allowed for that matter! Everything you need to complete the activity at hand is in and limited to what comes in the box!

Reviews About STIIX

“It was a nice change of pace seeing the boys work as a team on their design and then watching it come to life as opposed to them spending their time on video games all afternoon long”

“I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but working in a science or engineering field seems really fun if this is the kind of stuff they do everyday…I want to keep getting these kits so I can figure out exactly what kind of scientist or engineer could suit me best”

“Testing out some of the STIIX projects has been a blast because it is stuff that we do not necessarily get to do in school, even though building with my hands and trying to problem solve are some of my favorite things to do”